We have put together all the airlines in a single research and
booking system, to respond to the new way of travelling.
Each travel agent with Gialpinet can securely access and, most
importantly, without the need to create its own connection to
expensive reservation systems, book flights to the most popular
destinations in Italy, Europe and Worldwide.
No need for training or expensive back-office activities: with
Gialpinet you can issue all the air tickets that your customers require.

Over 300 bookable airlines!

The system will guide you, step by step, from availability requests to reservations, keeping you updated in the event of any changes of aircraft, airports, complex stopovers or limited connection times.

You will have the option to either issue tickets immediately or to simply reserve a seat, always complying with the charging policy, then issue the tickets at a later date. As a result you can convey any particular request for specific seats relating, but not limited, to travelers with pets, sports equipment, etc.

Flying your customers has never been easier!

In a simple and intuitive interface, that requires no training in ticket booking,
you can query all flights, whether one-way or return, getting all combinations of available flights and, in a convenient box summary,
view the best deals including details of the price and the carrier.