From clients

What steps should I follow to become a client?

Click here to register or contact our sales department today.

How soon will I get access codes?

Immediately; we just need to verify that you are indeed a travel agent, so we will ask for the IATA pseudo-city-code or your license number.

Must you pay a deposit or give some kind of collateral in order to start working?

No, you can start immediately. A deposit or guarantee is required only if you want to work without worrying about payment practices one at a time, and rather paying in total at a later date.

Can I pay by BACS transfer?

Sure. In that case you will immediately be able to confirm hotels and ground services (transfers and excursions), and a printed voucher function will be available upon finalization of payment. To issue air and rail tickets you will need to pay by credit card at the point of booking.

Do you accept credit cards?

Gialpinet accepts all cards affiliated with Visa and Mastercard.

What are the products marketed by Gialpinet?

In our system you can find hotels all over the world, fly around the world on both flagship and low cost flights, arrange private transfers and regular and private excursions throughout Italy, access the two Italian railway carriers, Trenitalia and Italo and visit major Italian archaeological sites and museums.

What is the difference between what Gialpinet offers and what a GDS can offer me?

First of all to access to a GDS you must have a connection through canonical system (Galileo, Sabre, Amadeus and Wordspan) while we only need a PC connected to the Internet. Also in terms of inventory, Gialpinet operates in real time and update instantly in terms of rates and room availability. You can access special offers and hot deals which you will find only with us.

Is there any restriction on the type of accommodation, category, etc?

Gialpinet offers about 150.000 hotels Worldwide from 3 stars, so if you are looking for lower category hotels, bed & breakfast or apartments we are sorry but we can not help you (at least for now… stay tuned).

Will I receive offers and promotions? In which languages?

Sure. Our product team regularly sends newsletters on the available offers, of course, in your language.

Who can I contact in case of doubts on commercial conditions, use of the system, administraton etc?

Please contact our help desk and our sales department.
Help desk: web@gialpitravel.com
Administration: contabilita@gialpitravel.com
Sales department: email address depending on the market.

Do my customers have a right to assistance in case of any unexpected events related to their reservation when my agency is closed?

Although we prefer that your customers speak to you, the travel documents contain our emergency numbers, so your passengers can always count on someone to assist them.

Is Gialpinet translated in my language?

Gialpinet is in 9 languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Russian.

From suppliers

What steps should I take to become a supplier?

Contact our product team at the following numbers: tel . + 39.081.8724372, Email: fornitori@gialpitravel.com or click here to register.

Can I check the information on my venue within your system? Can I check availability, rates and descriptions of the rooms of my hotel?

If you connect to us via our extranet absolutely yes. You can at any time change or update the description, upload new photos, opening or closing dates available, add or remove rooms, change prices (always having knowledge of the history), check out the rooms booked. If the connection is via channel manager it will not be possible but in that case it will be your channel that will always give you the updated situation.

What are the advantages of Gialpinet to my business?

Gialpinet brings you to the global market while speaking your language and gives you all the autonomy you need. Not only will we distribute digitally but also offline and we will especially promote you in all national and international fairs in which we participate, at no cost to you.

Are there any restrictions?

None. We only ask you to respect the Parity Rate and to always put us in the condition to sell your services.

Are reservations always guaranteed?

They are always guaranteed by us.

Can I offer group reservations?

Sure, but only offline.

Who can I contact for any questions?

Contact us and we will answer all your questions. Write to fornitori@gialpitravel.com or contact us by phone at + 39.081.8724372.